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About Supple Soft

Supple Soft is Gurgaon, India based company that is committed to deliver quality software solutions and services to its customers and end users.

Supple Soft is an end-to-end software solution provider focused mainly on various software product based services, Mobile Application, IOT, Big Data Technologies, Data Science R&D, and some cutting edge AI problems. We are having more than 20 year experience in software solutions and more than 5 year experience parallel in Big Data and Data Science Technologies. Apart from these, 7 year experience in Mobile technologies and IOT. The hallmark of our success is customer satisfaction and building a trustworthy partnership. Supple Soft has expertise in JAVA, Robust Web Platforms, Web Services, iOS, Android, Windows, ColdFusion LAMP stacks. We do native app development and cross-platform development with PhoneGap using MEAN, Angular, Ionic, ReactJS, ColdFusion and LAMP stacks etc.

Our Professional Services

Our services includes not just the software development else assists various bodies with its technical expertise.

Consulting Business

Our professional software consultants put emphasis on fully understanding your business model. Based on this knowledge they advise you about the software solutions that best add value to your business or product.

Assistance In Business Grow

Our software professionals assist one by understanding the existing business or new business by finding the inherited bottle necks in existing business flow and providing better solutions more technically to grow your business.

Corporate Technical Training

Supple soft provides corporate training across all IT technologies specifically focusing on niche technologies like Big Data, DevOps, Scrum and Agile development, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and more to different size corporate companies.