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Supple Soft have extensive experience of both developing and integrating API for web, cloud and mobile applications, from the simple to the complex. There are many protocols, but today the most common would be SOAP and REST, the latter being commonly used to allow mobile applications to offer functionality powered by Cloud based web applications.Creating a managed, throttled API for your web or cloud application will immediately open up opportunities for your business and Supple Soft have long been trusted by our clients to do just that, with considerable success.

Since our inception, Supple Soft have pioneered the development and integration of web services / API to facilitate tasks such as data sychronisation between information stored in the cloud and that held on local database systems, booking engines searching multiple inventory sources in the background in real time via third party API, or the almost ubiquitous remote online payment processing – with authorisation happening on a remote server, but in the background, so the user never leaves your app or website.